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Breast Cancer Patients, Caregivers & Survivors

A diagnosis of cancer is the cause of  worry to both the patient and family. Though it is a disease that is increasingly prevalent, until it affects one, the full impact is not felt. The treatment, management, post treatment care, handling of finances are some of the problems which need to be tackled while grappling with the enormity of possibly losing your loved one in the near future.

A lot of information is available online, but in the moment, it is difficult to focus and find the one place where you may get most relevant information.

In India, many patients flock to Mumbai where the Tata Memorial Centre dedicated to Cancer is located. The volume of patients coming here on a daily basis is overwhelming. It is easier to come prepared with some idea of what to expect.

Copewithcancer a Mumbai based NGO dedicated to Cancer is doing a marvellous job of collating all possible types of information that a patient or caregiver may need.  Answers to most queries can be found on their website.  is a relatively recent NGO based in Bangalore which is committed to helping Cancer patients and caregivers. This is described as the World’s First Integrative Oncology cancer care healthtech platform & is extremely interactive and helpful.

Besides there are many NGOS which help with funding which is a major problem for most patients and caregivers.


Social media platforms such ans Facebook have many forums which have discussions and provide support and guidance. These are usually quite specific to the type of cancer. Some are conducted by professionals; others are mainly support groups. They tend to unite people from across the globe in their search for solutions, guidance or just support.

I have mentioned sources I have found to be useful myself. If you are a patient or caregiver, I hope they prove useful to you dear reader. I wish you all the best on this journey. You are most welcome to connect with me if I can be of any further assistance. Drop me a note at

If you are just reading this out of curiosity or interest, do remember to practice BSE regularly!

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