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Early signs of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women

It is also the most visible and can be picked up early.

Early Breast Cancer can be treated 100%.

Therefore  it is important to catch the early signs.

These signs can be easily picked up if  BSE is done regularly. 

Doing BSE every month regularly, women can know the appearance and feel of their breasts,  can pick up changes really early and get treatment early.

So it is up to women to take their own health seriously and keep a check on their breast health.

These are the changes be looked for on regular BSE. 

Any one if present may be indicative of a problem.

If noticed, it is important to evaluate them promptly.


​Size:                One breast looks larger than the other.

Skin:                Reddening, puckering, dimpling, thickening.

Nipple:             Thickening, Inversion, Itching, Discharge.                                     Whether on one or both sides.

Lump:              Number, Location, Hardness,

                        whether it slips under the finger.

Lymph nodes:  Number. Location

Diagrammatic Representation of Changes to be looked for on BSE 

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