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My story

Having personally experienced the gamut of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery with ongoing maintenance treatment with all the attendant side-effects, I am acutely aware of the importance of this. Being a doctor, being aware, I still missed the early lump. Having family history and lumpy breasts, all my life I was always particular about regular BSE and mammograms. Then, just once, due to 'busy Iife", my checkups were delayed by just a few months. And  I was rewarded by a Stage 2B cancer tumor with attendant lymph nodes. 

I completely understand that I could not have prevented the disease.

But, if I had not missed those 2 months, I could have picked it up earlier, the treatment & management would have been shorter and my life expectancy longer!

This set me thinking of my daughter, my sister, my cousins, my friends and the many women out there who are not even aware that they could do something proactively to catch this disease early.

Therefore, I feel it is my personal responsibility to share this, my story, laying emphasis on performance of regular and correct BSE.        

If I can help even just one woman to help herself I feel I would have achieved my purpose.

The aim is, however, to spread the word across all the women in India and in the world! 

Dr.Ismat Gabula. 



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